9 Different ways to style in palazzo pants | Learning Process

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This video is showing 9 different ways to style in palazzo pants.

This video will show you complete picture on how you can style in palazzo pants?
It doesn’t matter what kind of palazzo pants you are wearing. Printed or single colored, silk or georgette. or you are styling for party or road trip, festival, wedding or office look.

Total quality Management. Management topics. Do the right thing right first time | Learning Process

This video is showing about total quality management. It Is a management topic and this video is telling you in brief what is TQM?? What are its principles? what are TQM Pillars? Which companies implementing TQM?? And last what are 14 Deeming points??

Are you Multitasker or single tasker???? See the test for proof | Learning Process

In this video, we are trying to ask you —- are you multitasker or single tasker??? Multitasking is good thing if someone is able to do that….but it doesn’t make any one extra ordinary….
wE Have conducted a test to see which one is better ?? multitasking or single tasking …..

10 Ways to Reuse or Recycle old Shirts

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This video provide you 10 ways to reuse or recycle your old shirt and convert them into some useful item such as collarless woman top, skirt, jacket or vest, cuff pouch, kid dress, bags or sling bags, crossbody bag, dress, Refashion tops, apron, pillow covers, etc.