14 Amazing and awesome salad decorations or design ideas | Learning Process

This video is showing 14 Amazing and awesome salad decorations or design ideas which will add creativeness in boring salad…and even kids will take part in creating these salad decorations. Some of the salad decorations and designs are inspired from animal form like butterfly, peacock, swan. and some of them get inspiration in the form of tree, boat, heart and flower. There are so many different ways in creating these salad decorations.

How to make Delicious tasty paneer toast in microwave ? | Learning Process

This video showing steps to prepare paneer toast in microwave. Bread slices are used to prepare this recipe as a base. and paneer stuffing is prepared with mixture of tomato sauce, onion and green chillies and paneer. It is grilled in microwave. Result is tasty delicious paneer toast is ready to eat.

Ayurvedic/Health Benefits of tulsi (Holy basil) in hindi | Learning Process

This video provides you information about ayurvedic or Health benefits of Tulsi ( Holy Basil ) which is holy plant in country India. Why it is essential to have it in our home? why we should worship this holy plant? what are medicinal properties this holy plant contains?
all these questions are given with reasons
This video is in hindi language.

Easy and Instant poha recipe for beginners and Bachelors (15 minutes)

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This video is showing easy and Instant poha Recipe for beginners and Bachelors. It take only 15 minutes to make this poha.
Indian Breakfast poha recipe is a very popular Mumbai street food recipe which is available only at morning time. It is one of the common breakfast meal of Indians which is cooked in almost every part of India By Indians. I usually make it in just 15-20 mins by using main ingredient as poha (rice flakes), onion and peanuts. You can also add potato or dry fruits in it. Kanda poha or gujarati poha are also similar recipe which are very popular all over India.
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