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Sore throat:
Sore throat is a condition in which one person suffers from rashes or spots in their mouth and it controls person to speak or eat properly. There are few basic Home remedies for Sore throat which you can use before going to the doctor.
Causes of sore throat:
Sore throat can be occurred due to viral infection, bacterial infection or some other environmental factors. These factors are allergy to dust or pollen, talking so much, dry air, smoking etc.
Home remedies for Sore throat:
Drink a glass of lemon juice mixed with honey dissolved in hot water. This will give you instant relief from sore throat.
Add ΒΌ of cayenne pepper to 1 cup of boiling water, stir well and sip slowly. It is also good for sore throat cureness.
Cut lemon into 2 pieces. Take 1 piece and put some salt and black pepper on it, press with the help of knife so that salt and pepper get mixed with lime. Put the lemon on heat to make it warm. Slowly lick this lemon squeezing it until no juice remains. Do it 2-3 times a day.
Gargle with warm salt water in the morning. It is the most effective natural way for sore throat.
I hope these Home remedies for Sore throat will help you in curing it instantly.