Easy and cute Valentine special D.I.Y. Heart Gift box

This post is about How to make Easy and cute Valentine special D.I.Y. Heart Gift box. This a super easy paper craft gift box, Which can be made by kids also. You can make this heart gift box and gift it to your husband or lover, teacher, mother, father, brother or anyone. Best part is that you can make it bigger if you want to gift something bigger in size. This gift box can store item which has size of less than 7 cm. I have taken a4 size sheet for making this heart shape box. But if you want to make it more bigger, then You can make by using chart sheets. This can be customised as well according to the occasion. Just change the heart shape given in the above with some different pattern. I made it especially for valentine for gifting something really special.

Easy and cute Valentine special D.I.Y. Heart Gift box

Cute Quick and Easy Braided Hair band. Recycle Old T-Shirt!!!!

This post is about Cute Quick and Easy braided headband from old t-shirt Waste. In my previous post I have shown how to create pillow cover from old t-shirt and in this post I used the waste left from those old t-shirt after creating pillow covers. This is very super easy way to make your own customised hair band or headband. I decorate one of them by adding bead and creating flower on the side. It is headband D.I.Y PROJECT.
braided headband

How to reuse or recycle Old T shirt into pillow cover In 2 different ways??

This post is about How to reuse or recycle Old T shirt into pillow cover In 2 different ways?? For this video we need only old loose or tight fitted t-shirt which we have stopped wearing. We can use them by converting them into Pillow covers. In this post, We have shown 2 different ways to reuse or recycle old t-shirt into Pillow covers that can be washed also on regular basis.


2 Quick and easy Super cute origami butterfly for kids

This post is about 2 quick and easy super cute origami butterfly for kids. This post is for kids who love to play with paper and create it in different forms of origami. Mothers can show this post to their kids and help them in learning this super easy origami butterflies.
butterfly origami
#papercrafts #origami #origamibutterfly

10 Different and Awesome saree draping styles or ways

The post is all about 10 Different and Awesome saree draping styles or ways. Saree is Indian traditional outfit and it is best wear for every body type. Saree looks amazing if it is wear in right manner and with proper draping style.
This post will help you in knowing 10 different saree draping styles or ways.
1. Nivi saree draping style
2. Marathi saree draping style
3. Bengali saree draping style
4. Bollywood saree draping style
5. Kerala saree draping style
6. Belt saree draping style
7. Butterfly saree draping style
8. Mermaid/ Mumtaz saree draping style
9. Lehenga saree draping style
10. Gujarati saree draping style

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