Amazing, cute and useful craft ideas from everyday household items | Learning Process

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This video is showing Amazing, cute and useful craft ideas from everyday household items.
everyday household items such as old glasses, shoe boxes, newspaper, old tea cups and plates, old graters, file holders, old t-shirt, hangers, old plastic bottles, cake baking trays, tennis racquet, paper roll, old cds, popsicle sticks, old tin cans, old cardboard.

convert old glasses into candle holders, shoebox into charging station, old tea cups into jewel organisers, grater into earring organiser, file holder into shoe holders, old t-shirt into rug,and tote bag, hanger into earring organiser or jewel organiser, shoe box into bangle organiser, plastic bottle into piggy bank, cake baking trays into organiser, tennis racquet into mirror, photo frame into earring organiser, bulb into planting the plant, trays into organising small items, popsicle sticks into pencil holder, old glasses into desk organiser, tin cans into kitchen organiser, cd into dream catcher, popsicle sticks into lipstick organiser, socks into toy.