6 ways to protect or relax eyes in summer season | Learning Process

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This video is showing 6 ways to protect or relax in summer season.

In this video, You will able to know 6 ways to relax or protect eyes in summer from uv rays or from laptop or mobile, dark circles and much more.

1. We should use sunglasses when we are in direct contact with sun.
This will instantly protect our eyes from dust or from harmful heat of summer and also we will look great in the sunglasses.
2. For getting rid of dark circles and providing instant relaxation to the eyes, We should use potato or cucumber slices on daily basis.
3.We should try to provide massage to our eyes with help of almond oil.
4. we should take out 5 minutes in an hour and divert our eyes in other activities.
5. tryout some eye exercises like see up, down, left right, move your eyes clockwise or anticlockwise.
6. take 8 hour sleep everyday for better eyes.

so These are the all tips to try out and should implement on daily basis.


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