25 cool and cute wall decor diy ideas for Bedroom | Learning Process

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This video is showing 25 cool and cute wall decor diy ideas for bedroom.
My video will give you some amazing and easy to create diy wall decor ideas which you can apply to your bedroom wall.

we can use our photos and arrange them in desired shape, we can use origami sheets to create butterflies, heart or umbrella and much and decorate our bedroom wall with them.
We can use abstract paintings or wall paintings as well

10 minute No Sew Diy Braided Fringe Jacket or vest | Reuse or Recycle old T-shirt | Learning Process

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This video is about how we can reuse or recycle our old t-shirt or refashion clothes into completely new look…
In just 10 minutes, you will be able to reuse or convert your old t-shirt into a cool braided fringe jacket. You can also convert it into top in the same manner…just skip (cutting from front) step.

21 cool and awesome ways to organise makeup item at home | Learning Process

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This Video is about 21 cool and awesome ways to organise makeup item at home

This is complete guide on storing makeup items like lipsticks, lip balms, color pencil, eye pencils, eye shadows, highlighters, blushes, hair pins, rubber bands, mascara, hair clips, foundations, primers, concealers, compact powder at home.
We can store brushes in glasses and magnetic boards can also be used to organise some makeup items.

How to fold lehenga easily, quickly and properly as pro ?? In steps | Learning Process

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This video is about How to fold Lehenga Easily, quickly and properly as pro?? This is quick guide in steps.

I have asking this from youtube from so many months But Only 1 channel has added a video on it. So I thought I should add a video on How to fold lehenga easily and properly at home by self.