How to make eggless cake in Microwave in just 40 minutes | Learning Process

How to make yummy, tasty and delicious eggless sponge cake in microwave in just 30-40 minutes. baking powder, baking soda, milkmaid.


Dialogues Based on relationship from movie – Hum tum | Learning Process

This movie contains some best dialogues from Bollywood movie” Hum TUM” which are based on relationship and it is shown with their English translation. That movie “Hum TUM”is starred by actress Rani Mukerji and Actor Saif ali Khan. In this video, You will get to know about some amazing dialogues said by these actors based on relationships.

Amazing Craft ideas from waste bangles for selling online | Learning Process

This video is all about giving you some ideas of crafting from waste bangles. waste bangles can be used in so many different ways like making candles, pencil stand, toran, jewellery box so interesting wall hangings and much more..

Amazing and creative craft ideas/diy from Newspaper for selling online | Learning Process

Awesome craft ideas by using newspaper and can be good for selling as well. diy or craft ideas are magazine holder, variety of baskets, small furniture, newspaper dolls, photo frames, sandals, wall hangings and much more…..