D.I.Y. Sling bag from old T-shirt (part 1) No sew!!!

D.I.Y. Sling bag from old T-shirt (part 1) No sew!!!

This post is about How to make Sling bag D.I.Y. from old T-shirt (part 1). In this post I am showing to you how we can cut out t-shirt and turn into a fashionable and stylish sling bag. I used fabric glue for making it no sew project or diy project. You will find no sewing at all in this post. Which make the project of creating sling bag out of old t-shirt so easy. Have a look on video of part 1. In my another post, I am doing some improvement so that it will be strong and safe in usage.
Cross body hobo bag

old t-shirt

cutting for sling bag

sling bag



Author: Learning Process

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